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Is a second battery useful?

A high-quality Lithium-ion battery was inserted in the SmartBalancer, which powers it for 8 hours. We recommend to use breaks and nights for charging. If you intend to use the SmartBalancer in multi-shift operation, a second battery can be recharged in an external charging station outside of the measurement device. Thus, work can continue without major interruption using a second charged battery while the empty battery is being charged in the office.


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Should the battery be completely flat before charging?

As the battery used in the SmartBalancer is a Lithium-ion accumulator, there is no memory effect.


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Is there a possibility to measure and charge at the same time?

You can not measure the SmartBalancer and charge it at the same time. One digital channel is always required for charging, the power supply can cause disorders. Usually the energy should be sufficient for a two shift operation. With a maximum of 5 hours, the recharge time is quite short.

battery, charging

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Is there a possibility to improve the measuring accuracy of the SmartBalancer?

Offset compensation
Different factors such as aging or temperature cause a drift in the analogue electronics. In this case, you have the possibility of maintaining the measurement accuracy of the unit by  calibrating the offset regularly (approximately every 2 months).

  • Click on the symbol “Offset compensation”.
  • Click on “Start”. This process takes about 3 minutes.

accuracy of measurement

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How to delete measuring results in the SmartBalancer?

Restoring the works settings
In this menu you have the possibility of resetting various parameters in the unit to the works settings. You can also delete data in the unit which are no longer required, such as measurement results (analysis) and languages.

  • Click on the symbol “Reset”.

works settings

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Is the SmartBalancer also available with explosion protection?

We can regrattably not offer a SmartBalancer with explosion protection. It would be a total different device with different sensors.

SmartBalancer in ATEX-configuration, configuration, explosion protection

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How to edit unit settings?

All device settings can be set in the “Device Setup” of the SmartBalancer ( -> “Units” in this case).

general settings, units

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Several parameters were registered, but when reopening the measurement, only the parameters of the previous measurement appear.

Before loading the file select “Menu” -> “Display setup” -> “Trend”. Press “Enter" and confirm with “Menu” -> “Save". When opening a measurement task now, you are able to switch between the different figures of the individual measurements operating the joystick or the navigation keys.

measurement, trend

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Is the residual unbalance in g/mm shown with the SmartBalancer?

Yes, if you  use a user-specific measuring task, choose “Menu” -> “Measuring task” and add a user specific measuring task stating the rotor weight and radius. After the correction run press “Menu” -> “Data Screen” and the residual unbalance will be shown.

balancing, residual unbalance in g/mm

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How is the balancing process carried out and what is shown on the SmartBalancer?

In every balancing run two main screens are displayed.

The data screen shows the balancing weights and their angular position.

  • The screen also shows the measurement data and balancing weights of all completed runs.
  • If a machine setup has been set up, it shows the balancing quality achieved and the resulting centrifugal force at the rotor.
    In the measurement screen, the measurement values (amplitude & phase angle) are displayed numerically and in a vector diagram.

In both screens the relevant balancing step is shown at the top left:

  • 0.  Initial unbalance: The balancing procedure starts with the calibration of the SmartBalancer. The first run is the initial run in the rotor's current state. In the following step a known test weight is attached to the rotor and its weight and location are entered in the SmartBalancer.
  • 1.Test run: The following test run measures the changes as a result of the attached test weight. After the test runs are concluded, the SmartBalancer calculates the exact amount and location for the correction mass. The test weight is removed and  the correction mass is attached according to the display of the SmartBalancer. This is performed simultaneously in one or two planes depending upon balancing task.
  • 2  to n.: The following measuring run shows that balancing procedure was successful. If the vibrations have been reduced to tolerance, balancing has been finished; otherwise further balancing steps will follow.

balancing, procedure


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Is the angle for the correction weights counted opposite to or with the direction of rotation?

Angle convention: The angle reference mark defines the position 0°; the fitting angle for the correction weights is counted opposite to the direction of rotation of the shaft.

balancing angle

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Is it possible to shift between add and remove mass at any time?

Yes, the SmartBalancer converts at any time.

balancing, method of correction, mass

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How to select between remove and add mass during trial or trim run?

Select “Menu” -> “Tools” on the data screen and set requested balancing method in line two. Confirm with “Menu” -> “Ok”.

Balancing, method of correction, mass

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A negative algebraic sign appears in the trial when entering a mass, why?

Obviously you have selected “Remove” as correction method in the machine setup for your measuring task. If you want to add mass instead of removing mass for calibration, pick “Menu” -> “Tools” and shift to add mass. Subsequent to your calibration run shift to “Remove mass” again.

balancing, mass, weight

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I would like to check the machine setup during a measurement - how can I open it?

Pick “Menu” -> “Measurement task manager” and then in the machine setup “Menu” -> “Show”.

balancing, machine setup

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Is it possible to set the amount of fixed places per plane while balancing?

This is possible at our new SmartBalancer2. To do so, you have to choose the related default setting in the machine setup.
At the SmartBalancer it is impossible to set a different number of fixed places for one plane.
However, there is the possibility to change the number of places in the menu during the measurement.
Both at the calibration run and in the display of results you have to change the display respectively the input in the certain planes.

Additionally there is another possibility, which requires analytical effort:
There is the possibility to balance freely and afterwards perform a distribution of the vector on two neighbouring angular positions.
-> Application of the law of sine/programme in Excel
The new firmware of the SmartBalancer will provide this option.

balancing at fixed places, calculation, amount

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Is it possible to utilize test weights < 100 mg?

The SmartBalancer has the acurrracy of measurement, but there is a problem of input. Based on the software design and the restriction of an embedded system, there is no possibility to admit further decimal places. You can switch to mg at “Units” in the device setup. However, there must be given a test weight from about 100 mg. To remedy one could enter a figure ten times higher and divide the result by ten.

testmass < 100 mg

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Is there a download area available where I can download current firmware, software and instructions of the SmartBalancer?

See the SmartBalancer homepage www.smartbalancer.com at “Downloads”. With the serial number of your device you can access the software download area.


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How to install a new printer at the SmartBalancer?

If printer function has generally been installed, proceed as follows:

For connecting  the printer with the SB you need the wire for peripheral devices (VIB5.330MUSB).

-> Problem: The range of printers does not include the required printer

-> Solution: At the SmartBalancer you can only set the printer language, an installation of a new driver is not possible .

The technical description of your printer indicates all supported printer languages – such as Postscript, PCL3 and PCL5.

With this knowledge you can set up a new printer in the SmartBalancer.

printers, direct printouts

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“Print” can not be selected - what to do?

If there is no printer installed, please proceed as follows:

  • Install the SmartBalancer_Utility_xxx.exe (included in the delivery by CD) on your PC.
  • Connect the SmartBalancer with the Internet and via the USB-connection (green input/output) with the PC.
  • Click “Configure device” in the utility programme and then “Install printer”
  • It takes a short time until the installing is finished. Then you can safe screenshots and PDF files in the SmartBalancer and transfer them to the PC via the symbol “Transfer data”.
  • You can find further instructions on page 99 and 100 in the manual.

printer function, installation


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Which preinstalled printer drivers are available with the SmartBalancer?

Following printer drivers are specified by default in the SmartBalancer (it is not possible to install a new driver):

  • PCL 3 Printer
  • PCL 4 Printer
  • PCL 5 Printer
  • PCL 5c Printer (recommended)
  • PCL 5e Printer
  • PCL 6 / PCL XL Printer
  • PostScript Printer (recommended)

The available drivers can also be found in the SmartBalancer:
“Device Setup” -> “Printer settings” -> “Printer settings” -> “Menu” -> “New”.

Besides the correct printer language (like PCL3) it is important that the printer is also compatible with the Linux operating system.

printer, drivers

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Tested printers

The following printers are tested for the communication with the SmartBalancer and therefore definite applicable:

  • HP Deskjet 990 CXI
  • HP LaserJet 4250 TN
  • HP Color LaserJet 3800 DTN
  • Kyocera FS-1010

As the sector for printers is very fast moving, these printers are probably no longer available.


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Will all data be preserved after update or reinstallation?

If you update or reinstall the already existing firmware, all files and settings remain constant.

If you downgrade the firmware (which is less probable), the files get lost.

firmware, update, data loss

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How to reinstall the firmware?

If there is a problem with the Firmware of the SmartBalancer, you can reinstall it at anytime. Do the following:

  • Connect the SmartBalancer with the Internet and via the USB connection (green input) with the PC. Use the wire VIB 5.330-SUSB.
  • Install the SmartBalancer_Utility_xxx.exe on your PC (if not already existing).
  • Check whether the latest firmware-version is available on your PC.
  • Start the SmartBalancer Utility tool.
  • Click “Configure device” -> “New firmware” -> “Continue”.
  • “Communication type USB”
  • Pick the folder with the firmware file (SB_220_buildxxx.ptz)
  • Click “Download”.
  • Wait until all fileshave been transferred to and installed on your SmartBalancer.
  • Upon demand you can close the connection and continue working with your SmartBalancer.

firmware, installation


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How long is a calibration valid a how much time should be calculated for a recalibration?

There is no rule how long a calibration is valid. As recommendation two years are marked.

You should consider 5-6 weeks incl. shipment for a new calibration.

calibration, validity

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Which possibilities regarding certification and recalibration of SmartBalancer can Schenck RoTec offer?

Additionally the SmartBalancer can be calibrated for different frequency ranges:

  1. Certification of SmartBalancer - optional
    Retraceable certification by an independent test laboratory (Deutscher Kalibrierdienst) for the frequency range 5 Hz up to 5 kHz with corresponding certificate.
    (time of delivery 4 weeks)

  2. Certification of SmartBalancer - optional
    (extended frequency range, only in connection with item 1)
    Retraceable certification by an independent test laboratory (Deutscher Kalibrierdienst) for the frequency range 2 Hz up to 5 kHz with corresponding certificate.

  3. The device may be recalibrated after a certain period of time.
    Calibration and - if necessary - parameterization of the unit and the adaptors.
    (recommended every two years)

certification, calibration

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What is a report printout about?

A report printout is used to compile a detailed documentation of the measurement. The measurement contains beside the result general information about the operator as well as additional data of the measurement.

report printouts

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How to deposit customer data in report printouts?

The customer’s information is stored globally and is available for every PDF-report configuration. Choose a customer in the menu or set up a new customer (“Menu” -> “New”).

report printouts customer data

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How to configure a report printout?

Which information the report printout should contain is set in the report configuration. Each measurement has a standard-report configuration which is sufficient in most of the cases. The standard configuration can neither be edited nor be changed. In order to draw up a new report configuration, proceed as follows:

  • Click “Menu” in the result screen.
  • Choose “Print” and click “Measuring report”.
  • Mark the array “Reports”
  • Press “Menu” and click “New”
  • Enter a name in the text-editor.
  • Choose in the register “General” the information which shall appear in the report printout.

report printouts, configuration

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How to deposit company data in PDF report printouts?

 To change the company name, which is shown on the report, click on the text box “company”. The change will be applied in every PDF report configuration.

report printouts, company data, configuration

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How to set a logo in PDF report printouts?

A new logo can be transferred by the SmartBalancer Utility programme.

The maximum image size is 200x200 pixels.

report printouts, logo, configuration

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Can you work with ICP sensors? Do you need special accessories?

You can work with ICP sensors. The SmartBalancer even has got a separate ICP sensor check. For connection you need the special ICP sensor cable R156966.001. It is especially coded and will be sensed by the SmartBalancer. For this reason an adaptor will not be sufficient. If you work without this special cable, an open line drive is detected.

Hard-/software, connection of ICP sensors

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Are further settings required for working with an ICP sensor?

In the setup, the used acceleration pick up should be set under “Item“ -> “Pick up“ -> “Vibration sensor (standard)“.

Change hard-/software standard sensor/ICP

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There is a fault indication “open-ended line”. How to check whether sensors or cables are defective ?

  1. Check whether the accelerometer is correctly screwed on the TNC plug and not just clipped on.
  2. Carry out a sensor detection for both channels.
    • Connect both acceleration pickups (one after the other) via the correspondong connecting cable to measuring channel A resp. B.
    • Carry out sensor check to measuring channel A resp. B in the unit set up/adaptor. (Select the measuring channel and press the start button).

When does an error message appear?

It is unlikely that both cables resp. both acceleration sensors are defective. Therefore, please test all possible combination to locate the fault.

sensors/cables, error message, open line drive

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Can also temperature be measured with the SmartBalancer?

For temperature measurements with SmartBalancer 2, NiCr-Ni temperature sensors with handheld probe or magnetic holder can be used. Both measurement sensor are already fitted with the matching cable connector (QLA) for connecting to SmartBalancer 2.
SmartBalancer 2 does not carry out any sensor detection on the measurement channel for temperature. If the results are not correct, check the connection and the sensor cable.

Tips for measuring:

  • Hold the measurement sensor at the measurement location until the sensor has recorded the temperature of the measurement object.
  • If the values vary, repeat the measurement or increase the number of averages in the measurement setup.

sensors, temperatur measurement


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Is it possible to connect also other sensor types with the SmartBalancer for measuring?

Generally it is possible to work with sensors of other manufacturers (Triax, ICP). In order to make a correct statement, we need the technical data of the sensor and name of manufacturer.

hardware, software, sensors

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How is the specification of hand-held temperature probe VIB 8.608 for the SmartBalancer?

This probe measures up to 500°C / 932 °F. To connect this probe, remove the built-in temperature probe as described in the operating instructions. Then insert it into the same socket plug of the hand-held temperature probe.

Technical data:


Meas. range

-50°C … +500°C / -58°F … +932°F


0,040 mV/°C


<3°C / 4°F

Dimensions, LxØ

250 mm x 18 mm / 9,8” x 0,7”

Probe tip, Ø

3 mm




83 g / 2,9 oz.

sensors, temperature

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How is the specification of Magnetic temperature probe for the SmartBalancer?

In order to reach poorly accessible temperature measurement locations, Prüftechnik offers the magnetic temperature probe. A powerful magnet is best suited for a simple and safe mounting at the housing.

With the magnetic temperature probe you can measure temperatures up to 240°C / 464°F.

Technical data:     
Meas. range    -50°C … +240°C / -58°F … +464°F
Sensitivity    0,040 mV/°C
Accuracy    3°C / 4°F
Probe diameter    14 mm / 0,55”
Cable length    1,5 m / 5ft.
Connector    QLA
Weight    28g / 1 oz.

sensors, temperature

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How to save measuring results as PDF file?

“Menu” -> “Print” -> “Enter data”.
You can now enter a name and save it via “Menu” -> “Ok”.

transfer data/ utility software, pdf

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In which file type can measuring results be transmitted to the PC?

 The following list gives an overview in which file type the different measuring results can be transmitted:

result type


extended (xls.*)

balancing results

PDF-result printout + csv

MS Excel report

vibration characteristic values

only PDF-screenshot

MS Excel report

trend for vibration characteristic values

PDF-result printout

MS Excel report


PDF-result printout

MS Excel report

trend for FFT-analysis

only PDF-screenshot

MS Excel report

order tracking analysis (run-up/coast down)

only PDF-screenshot

MS Excel report

time signals

PDF-result printout

MS Excel report

envelope analysis (bearing diagnostics)

PDF-result printout

MS Excel report

amplitude/phase (1- and 2-channel)

only PDF-screenshot

MS Excel report


only PDF-screenshot

MS Excel report

bump test

only PDF-screenshot

no add-on

measuring results, excel, Utility, xls, pdf, download

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Is it possible to customize Excel reports?

Predefined fields can be translated individually. Also the format can be customized in the template.

The corresponding template can be found here:
Windows XP: C:\Program Files\SCHENCK\SmartBalancer Utility
Windows 7: C:\Program Files (x86)\SCHENCK\SmartBalancer Utility

We recommend a backup copy of the original template.

excel-report, xls, utility, format, translate

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In which languages can report printouts and measuring results be transmitted?

Generally, PDF result printouts are transmitted in the language which was set at time of saving the PDF report.

The .xls-report is always stored in the English language.
The measuring task will be transmitted in the language which was set at time of saving the PDF report.

report, languages, download

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When saving, the error message appears “file not compatible” - what is the reason?

You presumably selected a file, which was not measured with the same measurement setup. You can only attach files to other files if you operated the same setup and measurement task.

measurement, trend, compatible

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Is it possible to register several FFT analyses in one file?

Yes, it operates analogue to the registering of the parameters. The presentation of the FFT-analysis is done in 3D.

measurement, trend, FFT-frequency analysis

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How to list several measurements in one file?

Perform a second measurement operating the same settings and pick “Menu” -> save. The last filename will be automatically listed in the text box. Select without changing the filename “Menu” -> “Ok” and subsequently “Attach”. A further possibillity is to open an already saved measurement task (“Menu” -> “Load file”) and remeasure it via “Menu” -> “Repeat”. Afterwards you can attach the file directly via “Menu” -> “Save”.

measurement, trend

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How to attach new measurement results to any file?

Perform the measurement and choose “Menu” -> “Save”. You will be shown several file names of different measurements. Select a  measurement of the same place and setup. Press “F” to get an overview of the file names. Select a name and confirm with “Menu” -> “Ok” and pick “Attach”.

measurement, trend, attach

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Is it possible to download several data at one go?

There are two possibilities to download all reports in one:

  • While pushing the shift-key select all files which shall be downloaded.
  • Select the file folder and all files in it will be selected automatically.

Now you can transfer the files to your PC.

transfer data/ utility software, download

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Is it possible to transfer several excel sheets at one go with the extended Utility software?

As all excel exports are generated by one macro-controlled template, this function is not available due to write protection.

transfer data/ utility software, download

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How to transfer data (measuring results/screenshots) to the PC?

If you want to transfer the saved file to your PC:

  • Connect the SB to the PC using the USB-cable and connect the SB to the power supply.
  • Start the Utility software on your PC.
  • Click on the button “Transfer files” -> select “PDF” or “Screenshots”.
  • Select the file to be transferred.
  • Click on “Transfer” (before you can, also choose a storage location)

transfer data/ utility software


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Utility - compatibility to Vista

The utility software is compatible to Windows Vista. Nevertheless you need administration rights. If problems occur, the utility software can also be launched in the XP-compatibility mode.

utilty, vista

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Macros in extended Utility Software does not work - no report is generated. Why?

Please check whether you operate a semicolon as “List separator” in “Region and language settings” -> “Additional settings”. The other possibility is to change in Excel from “System seperator" to “Specific”.

extended utility software, macro, error message

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Is it possible to install the extended Utility software on several computers?

You can use the software for one SmartBalancer on as many computers as you want to. For example, if you own two SmartBalancer and want to use the software for both units, you need two passwords.
The software can be used for SmartBalancer2 and the new SmartBalancer.

extended utility software, installation

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On which method is the bearing diagnostic software based included in SmartBalancer?

The envelope analysis is a proven method for detecting periodic impacts in the vibration signal of a machine. This is used primarily for the diagnosis of roller bearing damage and gearing damage, and is based on the demodulation of amplitude-modulated vibration signals. Periodic impact consequences in a component generate high-frequency machine resonances, which act as the carrier signal of the low-frequency impact signal. In order to separate the low-frequency modulation from the high-frequency resonance, the signal is filtered in a high-pass, aligned and subsequently filtered in a low-pass. The remaining signal then consists only of the modulation signal - the so-called “envelope” - from which the envelope frequency spectrum can be calculated by FFT.

bearing diagnostic, envelope analysis, method

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Can the module for bearing diagnostic be purchased subsequently?

Yes, this feature can be unlocked with a special code.
If this function is not activated the symbol for Envelope Analysis will not be shown.

bearing diagnostic, purchasing

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How to activate the bearing diagnostic module?

The function Bearing Diagnostics (Option) can be activated in the SmartBalancer2 via password. For activating you have to register the module. The corresponding password will be provided by Schenck RoTec:

  • Click on “Device Setup”.
  • Click on “Registration”.
  • Click on the module Bearing Diagnostics and enter the password in the text editor.

Registered modules are marked with a check mark.

breaing diagnostic, unlock

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