Utility Software

The following measurement results are supported:

  • 1- and 2-plane balancing results with vector graphic
  • Vibration figures
  • FFT analysis
  • Order tracking analysis (run-up/coast-down)
  • Amplitude / phase
  • Time wave form
  • Temperature

Compatible with: Windows XP Professional and Windows 7 Professional with MS-Office 2003-2010

Documentation and archiving

All results can be stored in the SmartBalancer, together with the description of the machine, showing the date and time, and printed out on the spot with a compatible printer. Screenshots of all views and measurement reports of selected measurement tasks can be transferred simply to your PC using our PC software utility.

With our extended utility software, the measurement results can now be transferred directly onto your PC as CSV files and MS-Excel reports. In this way, you can process all results individually, and if required send them by e-mail.

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