Comprehensive possibilities:

  • Field balancing in one and two planes
  • 2 simultaneous measurement channels for economic field balancing
  • High performance FFT frequency analysis
  • Standardised total vibration measurement
  • Order tracking analysis (run-up/coast-down)
  • Roller bearing assessment
  • Bump test


A tool with many talents

The SmartBalancer is outstanding for its comprehensive measurement and analysis functions, which offer you valuable services for field balancing. It is also ideally suitable for the commissioning, service and maintenance of machines and systems. From the measurement, assessment and diagnosis of the machine condition, to the assessment of the roller bearings or the bump test, to documentation and archiving of all the results: The SmartBalancer is a genuine smart instrument – for many applications over and above field balancing.

Diagnosis of the machine condition

For the identification of the causes of vibration, the SmartBalancer offers high-performance, two-channel FFT frequency analysis. This breaks down the vibration mixture occurring in the machine into their harmonic components, and displays them clearly in the form of a spectrum. By means of these frequencies, the causes of the vibration can be determined, and unbalanced rotors clearly identified.

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